Due Diligence

A comprehensive check of your assets and liabilities, business risks and a further investigation will evaluate the financial status of your corporation and your eligibility to take investment decisions.

Due Diligence

We take in-charge of your organization acquisition, partnership engagement, investment and bank loans without letting you get involved in this exhaustive process. Hence, you can trust our experts because we are conversant in due diligence and perform a thorough analysis of your financial status, tax and compliance. Our range of due diligence services emphasize the most complex features of a transaction, which involves,

  • Identifying and evaluating industry-specific risks and prospects.
  • Evaluating the past and projected income and cash flow of the business.
  • Finding the hidden costs and possibilities.
  • Quantifying tax exposures and liabilities.
  • Underlining the issues that make an impact on the purchase cost.

We are competent in handling the various types of due diligence, which includes Financial, Legal, Forensic and Technical. Our team identifies the poor performing sections, check business trends, revenue, costs and assets to understand its deficits and then resolve the disputes. Our due diligence practitioners are seasoned professionals who provide value-added services and possess a comprehensive understanding of the legal challenges such as discrepancies in accounting principles, quality of financial information, corporate governance standards, negligence in internal control and complex tax rules and regulations. Due to the complexities in due diligence, our industry experts are ready to handle the entire process and minimize the risks associated with your corporate transactions. We will analyze the specific requirements of the client. Whether you are from any corporate sector or any private equity, our experts will help you with your financial transactions and find out better prospects. Our extensive experience in this field delivers us an in-depth insight into your requirements, alongside assist clients in the challenging auction process. Once this process is completed, we will perform due diligence to support the completion of the deal.


A. Due Diligence is the process of scrutinizing the transaction details to ensure it’s legal and familiarize both the buyer and seller and other aspects. When both the facets of due diligence are satisfied, the parties can finalize and amount the transaction.
A. The following documents are required for due diligence:
  • Corporate Records
  • Securities Issuances
  • Stockholder Information
  • Bank Agreement Loans
  • Installment Sales
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Stock Purchases
  • Mergers, Acquisitions/Non-competition Agreements
  • Finance Documents and Data
  • Intellectual and Real Property
  • Governmental Regulations and Filing
  • Audits and Litigations
A. We normally take around 30 – 60 days to complete due diligence, which is enough for a comprehensive evaluation of the business.
A. A buyer can back out during the due diligence process without stating any reason. Any earnest amount put down shall be returned.
A. The due diligence fee is a negotiable amount of money based on several factors. You recommend you to schedule a phone call with us @ 8222999293 to discuss the same.

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