Forensic Audit

Every organization got financial records that are miscalculated or illegal activities that require proper investigation to derive evidence for a legal proceeding. Our Forensic Audit team is designed to reveal such fraud cases and clarify the data.

Forensic Audit

With the rapid transformation in business, industries and processes, the nature of risks and potential threats have also changed. Due to this, corporations are facing major damages and even some are incompetent in dealing with such situations. Since scrutiny is a complex task, organizations are finding it hard-hitting to comprehend the facts. Nevertheless, we have our forensic accounting experts ready for you to resolve the highly staking issues which involve corruption, frauds, scams and a wide range of compliance disputes.
The key objective of Forensic Audit is to examine whether a fraud has taken place or not. Our eligible team will perform a comprehensive investigation on the existing frauds with adequate evidence and measures underlining the necessary arrangements and the means to overcome them. We execute a study on GST control and prepare a roadmap towards process change, product costings, change in procedures, etc.

What do we offer?

  • Helps in formulating SOPs.
  • Significant exposure to small to medium-size firms in addition to large ones.
  • Doctoring the books
  • Prevent procurement leakages
  • Scrutinizing frauds with evidence
  • Institutionalizing GST
  • Debt & Finance Securitization
  • Required Certification
  • Hazards while expanding business in the market
  • Theft/misuse of property
  • Challenges around technology
  • Delivering Tailored services / Customized solutions based on the problem
  • High-level of Data Security
  • Cutting-edge Technologies for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
  • 24x7 Support

Forensic Audit

Our team of trained experts got the required experience and skills to quickly resolve the far-reaching accounting scams, hence, we have stood as a mark of excellence by helping several clients and their businesses function seamlessly without any anomalies. Don’t worry, your data will be strictly confidential with us. We will resolve your issues without disrupting your business and processes. With effective monitoring and swift responses towards potential damages/thefts, your corporation can make a positive impact within the complex market.


A. The main objective of Forensic Audit is to determine whether any fraud has occurred or not by examining the total records and witnesses. The results chiefly emphasize on the following:
  • Evidencing the loss occurred.
  • Accountability for the loss.
  • Defining the method.
  • Identifying beneficiaries.
A. Forensic Audits include financial and business disputes incurring losses. Some of them are:
  • Loss of earnings
  • Contract disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Insurance claims
  • Partnership/shareholder disputes
  • Procurement Frauds
  • Tax Evasion or fraud
  • Financial theft
  • Debt Defaulting
  • Financial fraud
A. Fees are entirely dependent on the amount of time we spend on investigations and preparing reports based on the evidence.
A. Rely on us and we will review your case without any obligation. We will outline the areas where action/rework is needed along with an estimation of our charges.
A. The process depends on the complexity of the case. For this, our experts with evaluate your account and inform you the approximate duration for completing the audit. Therefore, we request you to consult our team of experts @ 8222999293 or reach us at

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