Internal Audit

When it comes to adding value to your business and enhance its operations, the Internal Audit process assists in defining the areas where improvement is required and provide all details the company needs to accomplish its goals.

Internal Audit

The key purpose of an Internal Audit is to evaluate an organization’s internal control processes, risk management, governance and accounting processes to ensure they comply with the particular laws and regulations. We carry a unique approach in evaluating the corporate governance process and provide internal audit outsourcing and risk management advisories. With the implementation of best practices for every internal audit processes, we provide scalable and reliable services.
Our team of experts will develop a strategic and tactical internal auditing framework which will deliver proven results. We will provide an independent review of your existing internal auditing methodology and find out its pros and cons. Next, we will identify opportunities to improve the processes and develop actionable plans to support your corporate goals. Moreover, we will also provide support to your existing internal audit functions by providing access to specific tools and techniques as well as industry specialists. We offer the following services across all verticals of Internal Audit:

We offer the following services across all verticals of Internal Audit:

  • Establishing Internal Audit Processes
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Quality Assurance Review
  • Compliance Review
  • Information System Review
  • Internal Audit Risk Assessments
  • Capability Building & Outsourcing
  • Data Analytics
  • Implementation of Technical Systems
  • Training the Internal Audit Personnel
  • Policies & Procedures Manual
  • Cost Reduction Review

We are the industry-leading internal auditing service providers who have tailored solutions to respond to unruly market scenarios and help you transform improbable situations into possibilities. We evaluate the size of your corporation and its status from all aspects and provide you flexible services to help you attain a lucrative stage. Our experts will advise you on how to manage the operational risks and implement a secured internal control atmosphere. We will also counsel your team to develop feasible internal control solutions and ways to sustain them. We strongly focus on areas having the possibility of tax credit outflow, tax credit reconciliations and liabilities and all the major issues under GST.


A. The objective of the Internal Audit is to improve the organization’s operations by assuring the Audit Committee. The risks are identified and handled as per laws and regulations.
A. We perform financial, operational, IT, special investigations and compliance audits.
A. An audit goes through certain phases which include, planning, research, reporting and continuation.
A. Internal Audits may take several days or months to complete based on the complexity and weightage of your corporation.
A. The final report is sent/presented to the company’s Vice-Chancellor or the CFO or the Chancellor and others if necessary.

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