Fixed Asset Management

Are you aware of how valuable your corporate assets are? A proper estimation of the tangible and intangible fixed assets will assess their value through a sale/auction to drive additional profit to your organization.

Fixed Asset Management

We understand how challenging it is to take care of the inventory of your fixed assets, in fact, it’s a backbreaking task for any corporation. That is why our team of experts and qualified professionals are here intending to deliver A to Z services related to fixed asset management to our clients. Our team will assist you in fulfilling internal/external audit requirements that would be beneficial in exceeding your capital planning and financial and risk management reporting needs. We cover the broad areas of capitalization, physical verification and process setup and lifecycle management.
Our team at Taxtown facilitates the best practices by establishing measurable controls on fixed assets and automating the process so that you can track and manage your company’s fixed assets across vertical sectors with asset verification.

We excel in managing fixed assets through,

  • Physical Verification & Settlement
  • Fixed Assets Capitalization
  • Project Planning & Effort Estimation
  • Audit Compliance
  • Valuation of Fixed Assets Register (FAR) & Taxation Records
  • Well-trained Team in Industry-specific Assets
  • Updation of FAR
  • Monitoring of Asset Movement
  • Individual Identity of Each Asset
  • Multilingual Pan-India Asset Verification Team
  • Reduced Time & Effort

Types of Fixed Assets Management Services we provide:

  • Asset Audit (Fixed Audit Inventory and Reconciliation)
  • Asset Verification & Tagging
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Asset Inventory

So how do you benefit from using our Fixed Assets Management services? Our expert team of professionals help in tax reductions and minimize the insignificant capital expenditures as well as premiums and rates. We also offer customizable asset clarification options and modifying and disposing of assets with fast calculations. Since fixed assets are considered as a significant object used by businesses, there should be an accurate and suitable method to track these assets so that a company doesn’t lose its parameters. Hence, Taxtown suggests best-fixed assets management practices and deliver flawless solutions.


A. Fixed Assets Management is managing your company’s assets that cannot be converted to cash value on time.
A. The importance of your company’s assets will help you receive accurate financial reporting, business valuations and comprehensive financial analysis.
A. Fixed assets can be anything such as buildings, land, machinery, vehicles, software, computer equipment, etc. For instance, if your company produces software, then the computers it owns are fixed assets.
A. Stocks are considered as financial assets and not fixed assets, as they are paper assets that can be converted into cash easily.
A. The fixed assets manager analyses and report the fixed assets. Their work includes recording the cost of tangible/intangible fixed assets, tracking the existing ones, assessing and accounting for damages and accounting for the clearance of fixed assets.

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