Adhere to GST Compliance Before Initiating the Process.


The initiative of GST health checkup is performed to fulfill the rules of GST compliances and run the business with a seamless process. This procedure includes good insights about GSTIN. Basically, the report of GST health checkup contains details about the deferment in filing GST returns, reporting outward supplies, tax variances between GSTR-3B and GSTR-1, unclaimed ITC on the taxes paid under reverse charge, GSTR-3B vs GSTR-2A report, GSTR-1 vs GSTR-3B report and vendor compliance report.

Essentials of GST health checkup:

  • Enforcing laws on time ensuring the business is GST compliance-specific.
  • Conducting training and workshops for investors, businesses and entrepreneurs about GST laws and their existing/upcoming challenges.
  • Business auditing by a team of professionals to identify glitches and getting the same rectified by a GST expert.
  • Analyzing the financial situation of the business by allowing the company to reveal its GSTIN and evaluate the filing, the status of the GST account and refunds.
  • Integrating sales and revenue income with external supply value.
  • Reconciling GSTR-3B & GSTR-1, as well as adjusting returns.

Why is a GST health checkup required?

  • To determine tax liabilities, one needs to evaluate their returns. In case they oversee or ignore the calculations or the procedures, they might need to pay a huge amount as interest or penalty.
  • Since the laws of GST are changing frequently, it is creating a dilemma in the mind of taxpayers about the right and wrong procedures/compliances. Most people are not even aware of the current laws because of the non-availability of proper information.
  • If taxpayers have already finalized or are in the process of finalizing their book of accounts, then it’s recommended to revise the GST compliance to ensure accuracy. In case there are changes found in GST laws and compliances, then it’s the right time to rectify the same.
  • GST health checkup is a preventive measure for taken corrective actions before it gets too late. If this is done, then the taxpayer would certainly gain some confidence on the amenability taken by him.

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