Shared Service Centers

Our Share Services deliver more economical and effective results by handling certain tasks to skyrocket your business/services, emphasizing leadership and corporate governance.

Shared Service

As the current era is mostly inclined towards new-age technology, operational efficiency and cost optimization, shared service models have been adopted for retaining cost reduction with operational excellence and driving process innovation. We, at Taxtown, have embraced a similar model to drive significant profits in terms of scaling economies and driving process efficiency. Our shared service centers are coupled with front-end and back-end operations along with technology platforms to capture mobility and cloud prospects. Our association with hi-tech-operated countries such as China, Russia, Malaysia and the Philippines keeps us updated about the regulatory requirement and environment of SSCs.

What are the benefits of Shared Service Centers?

  • Effective practice and processes
  • Economies of scale
  • Create centers of excellence
  • Best outcome from investment in technology
  • Reengineering
  • Evolve with the market and corporate needs
  • Integrated procurement
  • Standardization

We constantly track and evaluate the ways an organization can transform or implement support services by empowering a shared service model. Moreover, we got the aptitude to handle certain operational and transactional tasks within the finance and taxation industry. We amalgamate the right technologies and customized processes to add significant value to the financial aspects of your company. We also understand that it is a critical stage and every corporation will face certain challenges for attaining measurable and sustainable financial profits.
We offer you our expertise with our in-house shared services to deliver you a seamless transaction process along with value-added services. Our hi-tech-operated purpose is to:

  • Support your accounting services ensuring they align with your business strategy
  • Integrate routine transaction process
  • Exclude the non-value-added services
  • Speed up and renew the cash collection process

Our vital motive is to standardize your process across diverse functions within the accounting and taxation area and automate the system to eliminate the critical and manual processes.


A. Shared Service Centers (SSC) offers an improved level of services by restructuring specific transaction-related activities of a corporation. It is one of the best practices to create an atmosphere of continuous process improvement.
A. The shared service section includes certain business units like finance, purchase, inventory, payroll, information technology, etc.
A. With shared services, you will receive direct benefits on time. This saves time and resources and these will be redirected to support the strategic initiatives of the departments and units. Furthermore, you can avail improved transactional flow and accuracy, reduced errors, broader knowledge of administrative and financial policies and a stronger ability to use technology for improving communications.
A. SSCs will chiefly support accounts payable, procurement, payroll and hiring, along with contracts & grants and financial management and analysis.
A. The investment in SSCs depends on a certain number of factors, which include the size of the corporation, its current processes, systems, the organization’s administrative integrity and requested services.

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