International Taxation

We know the hindrances of paying double taxes when you are working internationally or in a foreign country. Therefore, we will relieve you from dual taxations by evaluating your scope of income taxation, foreign income and domestic income of non-residents.

International Taxation

Taxtown’s network got global coverage and dexterity to handle any international tax-related matter. Our wide range of services from individual/corporate tax consultation to delivering global tax solutions to multinational clients makes us an expert in this field. We thoroughly assist your corporation to meet the inbound and outbound tax requirements with extensive offerings in international tax planning and advisory services ensuring the taxation procedure exceeds your business requirement. We study the market and adopt appropriate solutions that align with your business needs, meanwhile implement customized solutions for a better outcome.

Our International Taxation services include:

  • Foreign tax requirements
  • New/changing foreign business operations
  • Cross-border tax consultation
  • Overseas tax compliance
  • Residence-based taxation
  • Source-based taxation

International Taxation

  • We provide ample support with the critical tax issues such as international mergers and acquisitions, due diligence reviews and benchmarking analysis.
  • We plan and analyze cross-border investments with enhanced tax planning.
  • Assist with transfer pricing matters.
  • Assist your business in complying with income tax and international tax concerns.
  • Analyze your detailed accounting records to identify costs for jurisdictional aid.
  • Implement potential and alternative tax planning strategies.
  • Develop procedures to improve efficiency in identifying, documenting and sustaining the current/future incentives.
  • Develop a global tax strategy to address your research and development activities.

Our international tax specialists are well trained in analyzing and documenting your research disbursements. We are equipped to help large multinational companies to take a lead of the available incentives and consider the result of transfer pricing, as well as revise your organization’s global tax strategy for cross-border structuring. With our advanced tax software and calculators, we can seamlessly integrate your corporate statistics with the ERP system so that your book of accounts adhere to the income tax laws. Last, but not least, we will advise on adopting an enhanced tax-efficient approach that will save time, cost and enable clients to focus on their commercial goals.


A. International Taxation is important because globalization abolishes the national tax systems and this taxation can regulate and structure globalization concerning their steering effort.
A. Yes. Indian citizens are always required to file an international tax while living and working outside India.
A. You have to file an income tax return while working and living abroad unless you abandon your Indian citizenship.
A. The due date of an international tax return is 30-11-2020 of each year if your tax ends in 31-03-2020.
A. Yes, there are several online resources specifically designed to help taxpayers living abroad. However, we at Taxtown is also a part of such resources who can help you with your international tax returns. Whether you are living abroad or are a resident/non-resident alien we are ready to assist you and solve your taxation issues.

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